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CITIES4CSR: What's new? An Overview of the project activities from November 2020 to February 2021

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12 March 2021
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From November 2020, the main activites of CITIES4CSR project were concentrated on the delivery of Integrated Action Plan (IAP) roadmaps, mapping out each city partner’s plan  towards IAP delivery and the steps to be taken to reach the goal, through the combination of transnational exchange and the local support of Urbact Local Groups.  

The network held on 25 November the #3 Transnational Meeting with all partners, with a focus on CSR and SDGs provided by Ms Kalterina Shulla, who provided a valuable, inspirational speech, sheding a light on the effects of Covid-19 pandemic SDGs implementation.  

Moreover, the meeting was the opportunity for project partners to deepen into the issues tackled by the GenderedLandscape URBACT network, through the contribution of Ms Mary Dellenbaugh, with the aim of providing a network-to-network exchange of knowledge on project contents and challenges.  

Together with Mary, partner cities had also the opportunity to attend an interactive session on digital tools, as useful inputs to be used at local level in the work with their local stakeholders.  

Further on, project cities continued to have their gatherings at local level and worked to prepare the IAP roadmaps, that was discussed with the LE and LP both during the check-up calls in early December and during the #4 Transnational Meeting (14 Dec.2020), which was entirely dedicated to IAP revision and to peer-to-peer learning through bilateral calls among partner cities to explore the possibility of creating synergies within the network and support the exchage of good practices.  

After the submission of IAP roadmaps at the end of December, partners gatherd locally to reactivate their groups of stakeholders and proceeding with their local activites towards the drafting of Small Scale Actions.  

The project entered the Planning Actions phase, with a new round of check-up calls with cities, LP and LE, to check the implementation of the project with each partners, collecting valuable inputs and suggestion to be shared with the whole partneship during the next Transnational Meeting.  

The #5 Transnational meeting was, therefore, held on the 16th of February and it was dedicated to an assessment of the activites state of the art, a deeper insight on Integrated Action Plan, the clusterization of cities to create city pairing for the exchange of good practices and to the presentation of the project workplan. 

The ball is them back to partners, to work with their local groups of stakeholders in the views of structuring small scale actions and drafting their Integrated Action Plan.  

Article written by: Chiara Minotti, Deputy Project Coordinator