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Baia Mare


The cities from this Action Planning network searched for a solution to the following challenge: how can we make existing 20th century urban tissue attractive and qualitative again? How can we add a different urban layer? For the past two decades, urban development and planning practice in European...


The work developed by the cities of this Action Planning network has proven that social innovation is not just a trend, but it could also be qualified as a fundamental change in the management of cities, in the management of impact and in the relations cities uphold and develop with their...

USEAct Local Action Plans

The USEAct partners Local Action Plans will be presented by the project partners in Naples during the Final Conference, including a general overview...


The aim of USEAct is to define ways to achieve opportunities for people and businesses to settle in existing locations without consumption of further land, thanks to new planning and partnership approaches.


Land Use Management forSustainable European Cities

Building Healthy Communities

Health is important for the wellbeing of individuals and society, but a healthy population is also a prerequisite for economic productivity and prosperity. The Lisbon strategy underlines the importance of health as a key factor for economic growth. However there is a limited awareness of the...


USEAct approved for Implementation Phase!

We are happy to announce that the Monitoring Committee has approved USEAct project for Implementation Phase! New partners involved for the...