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Civic eState

The network purpose is to transfer through adaptation the Good Practice of the City of Naples, Lost & Found. This Transfer network aims at guaranteeing the collective enjoyment as well as collective management of urban essential facilities conceived as urban commons. This public-community...


Take a deep breath (or better not)

How European cities are fighting air pollution? In November 2017 the European Environment Agency (EEA) launched the European Air Quality Index...
23 - 24 February 2017

First URBinclusion transnational meeting

The meeting will be held in Barcelona and will involve all cities and professionals from the Network. The meeting’s main focus will be the baseline...


The work developed by the cities of this Action Planning network has proven that social innovation is not just a trend, but it could also be qualified as a fundamental change in the management of cities, in the management of impact and in the relations cities uphold and develop with their...