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Pooling urban commons: the Civic eState

Naples’ Urban Civic Uses policy is characterised by the way artists, creatives, innovators and city inhabitants are entitled to organise themselves...


Breathing new life into abandoned spaces

Casoria is a heavily urbanised city that has suffered from years of political mismanagement. Thanks to participation in the URBACT sub>urban...


25 Transfer Networks approved!

25 Transfer Networks gathering 75 European cities were approved by the Monitoring Committee of the programme on 4 April 2018.


Socioeconomic disparities and other forms of inequalities are a major issue in European cities and hinder citizens from achieving a decent quality of life. The economic and financial crisis has further intensified the concentration of poverty and social exclusion in cities. European cities are...

Civic eState

The network purpose is to transfer through adaptation the Good Practice of the City of Naples, Lost & Found. This Transfer network aims at guaranteeing the collective enjoyment as well as collective management of urban essential facilities conceived as urban commons. This public-community...