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A closer look at URBACT City Festival 2018

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24 June 2019
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URBACT City Festival 2018 took place in Lisbon on 13 and 14 September 2018. It was attended by 573 participants, coming from 224 cities and 32 countries. The Festival provided the opportunity to discover and appropriate the results of 20 Action Planning Networks, presented in various formats, including walkshops, workshops, policy labs and marketplace, to celebrate URBACT 15th Birthday and to discover Lisbon’s local urban planning activists and artistic scenes.

15 years of URBACT


In Lisbon, URBACT also celebrated its 15 years of existence, 15 years driving change for better cities by linking up cities throughout Europe and promoting integrated sustainable urban planning and participation. You can have a glimpse thanks to one of our Facebook Live videos.

A deep dive into the Festival's content:

To dive deep into the content discussed in Lisbon, we invite you to read the following articles :

This article provides an insight into URBACT’s work on urban poverty and its contribution to the Urban Poverty Partnership of the Urban Agenda for the European Union. At URBACT City Festival 2018, the walkshop 5 “Tackling urban poverty from the ground up” dealt with these issues.

Lisbon has developed a participative model for working in deprived neighbourhoods using the instrument of Community Led Local Development(CLLD) funded by the European Regional Development Fund . There are very few models of urban CLLD across Europe. Lisbon and the Hague are the two best examples. This paper looks in detail at the BIP/ZIP in Lisbon, which has been awarded an URBACT Good Practice Label in 2017.

Affordable and adequate housing was one of the theme Lab sessions at URBACT City Festival . This text serves the purpose of introducing to the housing debates in Lisbon, linking them to the work of the EU urban agenda(link is external) (EU UA) on affordable housing.

‘Gender Equality’ has become one of the political zeitgeists of 2018, prompting institutions around the globe to take a closer look at how women and men interact in personal, professional and public spheres. But what does it mean for European cities?

The new URBACT initiative, Gender Equal Cities, sought to provide some answers to this complex question at the URBACT City Festival in Lisbon this month. In a half-day Walkshop we undertook a live place analysis of the city asking how and why women and men experience public space differently. And more importantly, what can be done to create safe, inclusive and Gender Equal cities?

More articles revealing the content of discussions held in Lisbon during the Festival will be published in the coming months on the URBACT website and the URBACT Blog.

Photos, video and Social Media

For a lighter approach of the Festival, we invite you to watch pictures on the FLICKR album and to check out the Best social media posts of the Festival. More using #URBACTFest on social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook)

We also invite you to rediscover Chapito, a Circus School, a social project and a very enjoyable space which hosted the Festival final event.

URBACT City festival 2018

And to get some more insight on what happened during the festival, we invite you to watch the Festival video, realised and produced onsite :