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CoNet meeting in Apeldoorn

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23 February 2015
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On 22 and 23 April 2010 CoNet partners came to Apeldoorn to learn about school, youth work and approaches to prevent exclusion in different fields. Most projects visited are part of Apeldoorn's "Zuid Vooruit" (South Ahead) programme and investment strategy that will improve conditions in the South neighbourhood between 2009 and 2015.

The neighbourhood center "Dok Zuid", first venue for the meeting, houses since 2009 schools, a library, a meeting room for the neighbourhood council, a health and care information point and a café.

Youth work was presented in the Twilight youth center. The concept of "Brede school" (wide school or community school) was explained in the Lugtmeijer primary school. This school provides extra sports and arts activities for children and training for parents. The Metaalbuurt housing project (see picture) with 300 houses provides quality housing for different groups and will thus contribute to a socially mixed neighbourhood.

Preventing exclusion was the focus of the second day that started with a visit to Felua, a company that offers employemnt for 1500 people with difficulties on the job market.  Ultimate aim is to find employment outside of this protected environment in the mainstream economy.

The Avondzon (Evening sun) center is an example of a community based living and care district for elderly and people in need of care. The aim is to allow for indepence and immediate access to care and medical help for the elderly.

The "Activerium" is Apeldoorn's central job center. National and local agencies work hand in hand to help unemployed people. Benefit payments are taken care of by the agencies so the unemployed and their client managers can fully concentrate on training or other pathes to new jobs.