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Cruise Traffic & Urban Regeneration of Port Cities : the City of Trieste in the Spotlight!

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09 October 2017
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You are interested in cruise traffic and urban regeneration of port cities: read the PDF iconDownload Cturcitynews3_Trieste.pdf (897.07 KB) of the URBACT CTUR project CityNews. Each issue of CTUR newsletter is dedicated to one of the project partner cities. Third city in the spotlight, after PDF iconDownload CTUR citynews N.1/2010 Varna (1.46 MB) in Bulgaria and PDF iconDownload Ctur_citynews_n2_Matosinhos.pdf (3.56 MB) in Portugal, Trieste, the Italian seaside resort on the Adriatic Coast.

The whole nature of maritime transport has changed dramatically during recent decades and this could not fail to impact on port cities. Delocalisation of port activity to deep water, greenfield sites outside the city or simple decline in traffic left many coastal towns facing huge areas of derelict land, abandoned buildings and infrastructure at the former heart of the city. Functional relationships and transport networks lost significance, port-city animation ceased to exist. Furthermore changes in status of port authorities have often fundamentally altered management systems traditionally dealing with the city-port interface, necessitating development of, or benefiting from, new partnership structures. Today these modifications and handicaps are becoming more and more regarded as opportunities exemplified by cities seeking to diversify central port activities, to actively plan for delocalisation, to exploit land availability to develop new and attractive waterfront and to reuse port heritage and infrastructure in innovative ways.

CTUR is an URBACT project made up of 10 European cities looking for joint, effective and sustainable solutions in the field of cruise traffic and urban regeneration. Indeed, CTUR project led by the City of Naples deals with the effects of cruise traffic on integrated and sustainable port city development.

This issue of the CTUR CityNews is dedicated to Trieste partner. Find out more on this Italian port city "gateway to the Mediterranean in the heart of Europe". Discover how Trieste wants to renew and enlarge the existing cruise terminal and read the interesting interviews of the Mayor of Trieste, Mr. Roberto Di Piazza, and of the President of the Port Authority of Trieste and member of Trieste URBACT Local Support Group Mr. Claudio Boniciolli.

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