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Ad-Hoc Expert

Generic Skills

B.1. Understanding of integrated and sustainable urban development: 
As an interim (freelancer) investment promotion specialist, I’m involved in the broader economic development project planning and implementation of Hajduboszormeny, Hungary, for the 2014-2020 budget cycle. The local economic development includes not just investment promotion project and industrial park developments, but cluster-based career orientation project, city-level cultural diplomacy, tech foreign language education for skilled job seekers etc. Through these projects I have the chance to watch into the urban development ecosystem and understand the main drivers. I’m also involved as a trainer into the start-up phase of municipality-owned EDC Debrecen Urban and Economic Development Center, with a special focus on investment promotion and local economic development.
B.2. Understanding of exchange and learning processes at transnational level: 
In 2004, when Hungary (and Central- and Eastern Europe) accessed to the EU, I worked for the ITD Hungary, the national investment promotion agency of Hungary. With my colleagues I took part in more transnational exchange events, where EU-15 experts were so kind to share knowledge about project development, operating programmes and other EU regional policy related topics. Furthermore, in 2008, I took part in an innovation policy and start-up ecosystem development seminar in Orleans, France, organized by regional development agencies like the Northern Great Plain Regional Development Agency, Hungary.
B.3. Proficiency in English: 
I have a local economic development blog in English: which supports local economic development professionals to prospect potential investors. The half of my blog readers and commenters are native English speaking Americans. Regarding my oral skills, for international companies and for potential investors, it’s natural to communicate in English. That’s why I’m an experienced communicator in English - my quite good German language skills were down because I have been talking English also with German partners. My oral and presentation skills were being maintained with more English communication trainings

Thematic expertise:

Theme / Policy: 
Local Economic Development
Summary Thematic expertise: 
I am dealing with investment promotion since 2002, as a colleague of the national investment promotion agency (ITD Hungary) and later as an independent investment promotion consultant. From the beginning I work with cities, as the ‘products’ of investment promotion, and I took part in 300+ corporate site selection projects focusing on city-level solutions. My blog ( goals the online education of local economic development professionals worldwide, focusing on investment promotion and city branding issues, global economic challenges and potential responses by economic development experts, and last but not least: advancing the content creation and distribution skills of my readers. I’m involved as a trainer into the start-up phase of municipality-owned EDC Debrecen Urban and Economic Development Center, with a special focus on investment promotion. I organize workshops (in English) about the theme, and after workshops I coach the EDC employees to deepen their knowledge. I am not just an economic development blogger, but I am active on My “SlideDocs” (documents in presentation format) provide comprehensive insights into urban investment promotion activities, advancing these skills of economic development professionals. I have two university MSc degrees (economics and business administration; law).


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Hungarian - Mother tongue
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Foreign Languages level: 
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