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Ad-Hoc Expert

Generic Skills

B.1. Understanding of integrated and sustainable urban development: 
Scott has worked on behaviour change projects within the sustainability sector for the last 8 years. This followed an MSc in Sustainable Development and MA in Psychology where he was focused on learning how best to create mass scale behaviour change towards more sustainable lifestyles. This remains the focus of his working life and his passion – how do we create that in the most cost effective way? This question has led to his focus on the application of social psychology to sustainability issues, applying behavioural models to behaviour change projects to create the greatest impact possible. Driven by this motivation, Scott has worked in senior positions within two leading UK sustainability charities across 6 years and one sustainable lifestyles social enterprise. He currently leads on behaviour change projects for local authorities within a sustainable transport consultancy. Roles have covered research and evaluation, product development, business development and project management, always in relation to behaviour change projects. Scott has a proven knowledge of sustainable urban development across various development themes (energy/waste/water/ transport) within the sustainability sector.
B.2. Understanding of exchange and learning processes at transnational level: 
As well as UK work, Scott is currently involved in two European projects, all of which include 4-6 European City project partners, and have a heavy focus on cross partner collaboration, knowledge exchange and sharing and learning. He leads a research and evaluation work package for MobiWallet (a FP7 project), coordinating evaluation and monitoring across each of the 4 pilots in Italy, Spain, Serbia and England. He organizes regular knowledge sharing and learning focused catch ups, workshops, collaborative documents, and standardized approaches as part of this work. He is project director for a Cycling Feasibility study within the Climate - Knowledge and Innovation Community as part of the Public Procurement in Action framework. The study involves examining the feasibility of future cycling technology against 5 European City partners needs (Birmingham, Budapest, Castellon, Valencia, Wroclaw). The outcome of the project will be a knowledge exchange and shared learning of how future cycling technology will affect the procurement activities of each of the European partners, and how they can collaborate to more efficiently procure the technology required in the future.
B.3. Proficiency in English: 
As a UK national, Scott’s mother tongue is English. He is a versatile presenter and established author of academic papers, book chapters on behaviour change and research studies.

Expertise for the design and delivery of transnational exchange and learning activities:

Thematic expertise:

Theme / Policy: 
Sustainable Urban Mobility
Summary Thematic expertise: 
Scott has over 8 years’ experience working within the behaviour change field relating to sustainability. He started with an MA in Psychology from the University of Glasgow in 2006, before completing an MSc in Sustainable Development in the University of Surrey in 2008. During this time Scott contributed to publications on intergroup discrimination and self-esteem, and later contributed to behaviour change research into Sustainable Lifestyles as part of the RESOLVE group at the University of Surrey. Scott has written two chapters in separate sustainable behaviour change books on how to design effective behaviour change programmes, and has a particular interest in values, attitudes and lifestyles relating to sustainability. Scott has used this social psychological, research design and behaviour change knowledge to support a variety of behaviour change focused sustainability charities since 2008 including Global Action Plan, EcoConcierge, Sustrans and now leads Transport & Travel Research’s “smarter choices” behaviour change work. Scott stays up to date with the latest social psychological research and sustainability related behaviour change research as part of his role, and applies this knowledge to actual practical behaviour change and research projects.


Residence location:
United Kingdom
English - Mother tongue

Area of expertise