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Eleven Integrated Action Plans for the reactivation of the Sleeping Giants!

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09 May 2018
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The 2nd Chance Integrated Action Plans will be presented in Naples during the Final Event the 18th, 19th and 20th of April!

Each partners has developed a reactivation strategy in the framework of the 2nd Chance APN Network with the support of the Lead Expert Nils Scheffler and of the Lead Partner Team. Read more in the Integrated Action Plan summaries published below that describes the whole process of the elaboration of the IAPs. 


More than 400 people: URBACT Local group members, politicians and technicians of the 11 cities involved in the project 2nd Chance, gave their contribution working together on the topic of the reactivation of the vacant building complexes studing the possibilities to waking up their Sleeping Giants. 

The Integrated Action Plans will be discussed by the partners during the Final Event in Naples the 18th, 19th and 20th of April, in the wonderful San Domenico Maggiore Complex in Naples. A gallery will present the results of the work done in the reactivation of eleven sleeping giants! 

Download here the IAP Gallery Booklet: 

Download here the Partners' Integrated Action Plans: