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Energy transition - What do YOU expect from local authorities?

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29 June 2021
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The 8 partner cities involved in the Urban Energy Pact project are surveying European citizens so as to discover what they’re expecting from their local authority for the energy transition of the territory, and what are their habits in terms of energy sobriety.

Citizens’ opinion is a key data.

To make a pact between public authorities, companies, and all the stakeholders of a given territorry to reach the net zero energy objective, no one must be forgotten. Each city of the Urb-En Pact network is willing to better know their local population, better understand their habits and needs concerning energy consumption. The tools: digital survey, suggestion box in a public space, consultation in marketplaces… The results of the 8 surveys will ground the Integrated Action Plans to be elaborated. 

All local surveys will end by 31 August 2021, and the results will be discussed during the next Urb-En Pact Transnational Meeting planned in Palma Di Montechiaro next October. 

The action also contribute to sensibilize and explain to people what is the Urb-En Pact project, the objectives, and by extension what is energy transition. 

You can also participate! 

Every idea is welcomed, and all answers are anonymous.

Thank you for your contribution.


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