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Europe of Small Cities | Innovation in the city centres to retain local custom, to attract businesses and to create employment

05 March 2018

The purpose of this Final Event is to showcase the progress made by partner cities in the City Centre Doctor Project to analyse the issues and challenges in their city centres as well as the collaborative and innovative ways to develop processes and actions that will revitalise their city centres. In so doing, the project significantly contributed to creating the conditions for local economic development and the potential for the creation of jobs.

The Municipality of San Donà di Piave is honoured to host the Final Event of the City Centre Doctor project: "Europe of Small cities" - innovation and revitalisation of city centres. The event is OPEN to the CITIZENSHIP and FREE. 

Will attend: Andrea Cereser - Mayor of San Donà, Roberto Marcato - Minister to the Economic Development and energy - Regione del Veneto, Thierry Picquart - URBACT Secretariat, Mercedes Bresso - MEP ed former President of Regione Piemonte, Roberto Pella - Vice-Presidente of ANCI, Wessel Badenhorst - Lead Expert City Centre Doctor, Simone D’Antonio - National URBACT Point - Italia. Moreover, the representative of 10 European Cities: Amarante (PT), Medina del Campo (ES), Naas (IE), Nort-sur-Erdre (FR), Heerlen (NL), Petrinja (HR), Valmez (CZ), Radlin (PL), Idrija (SI).

The 10 European cities participating the City Centre Doctor project will show to experts and citizens their Integrated Action Plans, resulting from a very intense process initiated with the creation of Urban Local Groups (ULGs), intensified with a Place Analysis, tested with Beta Actions and finalized with Integrated Plans for the revitalization of the city centers. 

During the Final Event city representatives, together with some ULGs members,  will have the occasion to share and discuss problems, solutions and plans with the aim of ameliorating their visions of the city center. Guided visits, workshops, cross-fertilization moments with other EU Project and a very useful confrontation with URBACT Representatives is expected to lead city managers towards a more efficient and sustainable organization of the heart of their cities. 

The day after the event, the 10 cities will privately meet in order to define possible future scenario of further cooperation, since the experience of City Center Doctor project cannot fade away together with the end of the URBACT European co-funding. Many similarities and many fields of cooperation had been identified during these 2 years: the goal is not to waste these efforts and to go on revitalizing the city centers following partecipative and sustainable approaches.