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Everyone can learn how to play! | by Katowice · Transfer Stories

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14 May 2021
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How to transfer what the URBACT OnStage project has meant for the city of Katowice? Here is the Transfer Story developed by this Polish city of 292.000 inhabitants.


Get to know the story of a boy named Katowice – that’s the beginning of our Transfer Story.

His grandfather used to play in a brass band and one day he gave his grandson a trumpet. The boy, however, has other interests. And so on... and so on…
This short story shows how important is to change children's attitudes to brass instruments and how important is to offer our children alternative ways of spending not only their free time, but also have fun during music lessons at school.

The second character (hidden somewhere in the shadows) is Pac-Man. Why him? It’s a symbol of an intergenerational bridge. Between grandfather and grandson there is still a generation of parents - more or less in my age ;) And what was our world like from the perspective of a child? After the political system transformation in 1989, previously unknown goods arrived to Poland. We were the Commodore 64 and Atari generation. The Pac-Man generation ;) Today together with older generations, we’re changing the reality for younger generations. We have choice and we want to choose what’s the best for our children. Now we know how important music in everyone’s life is!

The Transfer Story consists of few parts:

1. A short picture story about a boy and his grandpa

2. How did we get there? Our guests are telling about participation in OnStage project and effects of this: 

  • Waldemar Bojarun, City of Katowice’s Deputy-mayor for Education and Culture
  • Teresa Stanisz (Brass bands are our heritage)
  • kids from the Public School in Murcki, Kinga and Milena (Everyone can learn how to play!)
  • Marlena Hermanowicz (From theory to practice. We’re playing!) -ULG coordinator
  • Some final words from Dagmara Szastak – OnStage coordinator Katowice

3. A short animation! Press GO! [Pac-Man has no chance against a brass band!]