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Fifth Transnational Thematic Workshop, Aveiro-Portugal

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03 February 2015

The fifth Jobtown Transnational Thematic Workshop will be held in Aveiro (Portugal) the 1st and the 2nd  October 2014.

On the morning of October 3rd the city of Aveiro is organising a public seminar to present their Local Action Plan and launch a public consultation, to which JobTown, and its partners, are officially invited to participate and contribute to.The theme of this fifth meeting will be: ”Social Innovation and Enterprise: How to do more for less”.

In the current environment of resource and budgetary restrictions, there is a need to find innovative solutions to societal challenges of youth unemployment, lack of adequate services to support and advise individuals in the launch of new ventures, etc. There is a need to increase the local knowledge about social innovation initiatives, business models and opportunities.

In this workshop partners will have the opportunity to examine examples of social innovation solutions, on which to leverage their own experience. The objective of the workshop will be the development of tools to facilitate the understanding and prototyping of social innovation.