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City Lab #1 - Citizen participation in Europe's cities

URBACT is hosted a series of policy City Labs linked to the proposed renewal of the Leipzig Charter under the 2020 EU German Presidency. This paper is linked to the first URBACT City Lab, which took place in Lisbon on 12 September 2018. Its focus was on citizen participation in Europe’s cities.

Amongst the City Lab participants, there was a consensus that the active contribution of citizens leads to better results. The session also highlighted several examples of leading practice amongst Europe’s cities. However, it also identifi ed challenges cities face and concluded that this remains work in progress.

This paper sets out the policy context relating to citizen participation in Europe’s cities and shares some of the relevant learning experiences. It concludes with refl ections on how we can support city authorities to achieve higher levels of citizen participation in the future.

Digital transitions
Integrated approach
Leipzig Charter
Local Economic Development
Urban planning


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The URBACT Knowledge Hub brings together good practices from across the EU, with the latest urban trends, to fill the gaps and make sure that the learning is within everyone's reach. As it is acknowledged by the European Union in the Regulations for 2021-2027, introducing a Policy Objective advocating "A Europe closer to citizens" is fundamental today.