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Good Practice Transfer - Why not in my City?

'Good Practice Transfer - Why not in my City?' shares positive stories from 23 cities that transferred and adapted urban good practices to their local contexts while learning from EU peers in the first round of URBACT III Transfer Networks.

This publication bears witness to the efforts of those cities to ‘understand, adapt and re-use’ good practices. Whether it concerns the adoption of an online city platform that rewards recycling, as the Hungarian city of Zuglo transferred from Santiago de Compostela (ES); or how the city of Cork (IE) revolutionised its approach to public space, health and planning, by adapting the Playful Paradigm from Udine (IT), the results are evident.


The stories here come from cities of all sizes, and involve cities from more and less developed regions of Europe. They are organised according to the three dimensions of the New Leipzig Charter — ‘Green’, Just’ and ‘Productive’ cities:


  • Music bringing people together for social change - Brno, Czech Republic …10
  • A playful approach to improving the city - Cork, Ireland …12
  • Helping global talents feel at home - Debrecen, Hungary…14
  • Bringing the commons to life - Ghent, Belgium …16
  • Co-creating a commitment to inclusion and tolerance - Hamburg, Germany…18
  • Empowering neighbourhood partnerships for sustainable local development - Lille Metropole, France ...20
  • Sharing stories in person and online to strengthen a suburban community - Pori, Finland ...22
  • Awakening a town’s volunteering potential - Pregrada, Croatia ...24
  • Building municipality-NGO cooperation - Siracusa, Italy …26

  • Rewarding re-use and recycling - Zugló, Budapest, Hungary …28
  • Enriching the urban jungle with bees - Bydgoszcz, Poland …30
  • Arts and culture driving climate activism - Mantua, Italy…32
  • Creating a municipal farm to supply local canteens - Troyan, Bulgaria …34
  • New urban gardens bringing communities together - Vilnius, Lithuania …36

  • A card to simplify smart access to local services - Aveiro, Portugal ...38
  • Shifting mindsets to involve local communities in urban regeneration - Birmingham, UK ...40
  • Enriching the education system with local partnerships - Halmstad, Sweden…42
  • Working with civil society to reverse decline - Idrija, Slovenia…44
  • Understanding and shaping procurement spend - Koszalin, Poland …46
  • Sparking new blue business in a coastal city - Mataró, Spain …48
  • A blue gem making digital waves - Piraeus, Greece …50
  • Co-designing a digital innovation platform - Rotterdam, Netherlands …52
  • Public-private actions to revive unused buildings - Vilafranca del Penedès, Spain … .54



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