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Transfer Networks Study

The report relates to work undertaken between July and December 2020 reviewing the key lessons learnt from URBACT’s 23 Transfer Networks. This section of the report introduces the context to Transfer Networks and the methodology deployed for the review.

Launched in 2018, each of the 23 Transfer Networks is framed by an URBACT identi ed city level Good Practice and an objective for the Good Practice City to transfer the principles and activities of the good practice to up to 8 other cities. Shaped by an URBACT de ned methodological framework of ‘understand, adapt, re-use’, the 23 Transfer Networks have focused on very different themes ranging from procurement and spend analysis to urban gardens to music schools to play. In addition, the transfer networks have deployed the URBACT methodological framework in different ways.

Although not yet complete, it is clear that the URBACT Transfer Network model is a success. High levels of good practice adaptation and transfer are already evident across all networks. Although this is highly satisfactory, it is important to understand the factors behind this, in order to build on what has been achieved in future activities.



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