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URBACT II Capitalisation: Job generation for a jobless generation

Here you will find a range of articles, features, guest columns, case studies and interviews which all explore the core question: what can cities do to grow jobs for young people? This short introduction aims to help you – the reader – find your way around the publication. We start by ‘Setting the scene’ and outlining why youth employment has to be a key priority for Europe’s cities, and introducing our two main areas of investigation. The first is what cities can do to better understand the youth employment challenge. As well as including information on experiences in, and lessons from URBACT cities, the article is complemented by guest columns from some of Europe’s leading experts (Steve Bainbridge from Cedefop, Robert Arnkil and Eddy Adams from URBACT) who explore the changing world of work and the importance of recruiting and developing talent (to the future of our cities from Cedefop). Next come two interviews – firstly with one of Europe’s largest employers (Airbus) and then with the co-ordinator of our sister publication (Willem van Winden) which explores what opportunities ‘New urban economies’ hold for our youth.

Entrepreneurship & SMEs
Jobs and skills
Local Economic Development


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