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URBACT II Capitalisation: State of the Art Job Generation - What can cities do to grow jobs for young people?

This paper is designed to provide an overview of what is known about the agenda of ‘More Jobs for Urban Youth’ as an initial input into the URBACT workstream ‘Job generation’. This agenda is of great importance not only to the success of the Europe 2020 strategy and the effective implementation of the 2014-20 Cohesion strategy but also to the future of Europe’s cities and of course, critically, to young people themselves.

The ‘More Jobs for Urban Youth’ work over the coming 2014/15 period builds on the ‘More Jobs, Better Cities’ capitalisation workstream undertaken in 2012/13, developing and applying the framework for action established therein, exploring concrete cases and showing how cities can help grow jobs for young people. It also has clear links to URBACT workstream ‘Supporting Urban Youth though Social Innovation’ developed in the same period and will take account of the results therein. ‘Job Generation’ is one of four URBACT workstreams for 2014–2015.

Entrepreneurship & SMEs
Jobs and skills
Local Economic Development


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