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HerO Expert Workshop in Naples

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12 February 2015

On 17th-19th November 2010 the HerO partners and representatives of their associated Managing Authorities met in Naples for their last Expert Workshop. The focus of the conference was this time on ‘multifunctional old town areas
- balancing the needs of different stakeholder groups in historic city centres’.

A mix of different functions is essential for a sustainable and future-proof development of old town areas. Hence, to keep historic urban landscapes vital and attractive places, the demands of inhabitants, visitors and retail trade need to be reconciled with the preservation of the (tangible and intangible) cultural heritage assets. Keynote speaker Jean-Pierre Charbonneau from Paris introduced the topic and raised relevant issues before the project partners
exchanged about the challenges and approaches in their cities such as retail initiatives and the careful renovation and re-use of buildings.

The colleagues from the City of Naples presented their projects on the ground: Walking tours through Naples’ city centre gave participants the opportunity to learn about the local characteristics and challenges and to explore the city’s rich cultural heritage. Further, the HerO project partners got the chance to meet local stakeholders and learned - amongst others - about a project on traditional handicraft, about the excavations of an ancient amphitheatre which is partly hidden by recent residential buildings, about an art project in Naples’ metro stations and about the planned upgrade of Piazza Mercato - a project carried out in cooperation with the university.

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