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HerO Kick-Off-Conference in Poitiers, France

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04 December 2008
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Representatives of the nine HerO partner cities met in Poitiers for the launching conference, which took place in the local conference centre from 4-5 December 2008. „It is a great pleasure for me to host this important project meeting here in Poitiers” said Poiters’ mayor Alain Claeys and warmly welcomed his international guests “We are very happy that the City of Poitiers has been chosen to become a partner to this promising city network and we look forward to a fruitful exchange with other historic towns in Europe.

The HerO Kick-Off-Conference aimed to officially launch the second phase of our network and to create a common understanding of the project’s objectives and intended outputs as well as to create a common spirit for the project work.

The Kick-Off-Conference’s main focus was the elaboration of “Cultural Heritage Integrated Management Plans” for historic urban areas. Conjointly the HerO Partners worked out the objective and typical content of such an instrument and discussed strategies how to develop a management plan in the URBACT Local Support Groups. Within the HerO project period all partner cities aim to elaborate a new or to revise their existing management plan.




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