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HerO Project Meeting in Liverpool, UK

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16 July 2009
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The Project Meeting in Liverpool on 16-17 July 2009 was the 3rd Thematic Seminar during Phase II of the network HerO - Heritage as Opportunity. Building up on the results of the meetings in Poitiers and Graz, this conference aimed to foster the exchange among the project partners in view of supporting the elaboration processes of the Cultural Heritage Integrated Management Plans (CHIMPs) on local level in the partner cities.

Thus, a special focus was set on the project partner’s presentations of their ‘Road Maps’ (Draft Local Action Plans) describing their approaches to elaborate a “Cultural Heritage Integrated Management Plan” on local level. In a “Peer Review” the partners’ ‘Road Maps’ have been discussed in the plenum as well as in smaller groups and all partners received feedback on their proposals.

Presentations, guided tours as well as a ferry cruise on the river Mersey allowed the HerO partners to explore Liverpool’s rich cultural heritage and to learn about the local challenges in regards to the sustainable development of the historic mercantile city.


PDF icon1_LPC_HerO_Meeting_in_Liverpool_List_of_Participants.pdf

PDF icon2_LPC_HerO_Meeting_in_Liverpool_Final_Programme.pdf

PDF icon0_LPC_New_WHS_Vistagram_2_2008.pdf

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PDF icon14_LPC_SPD_Public_Consultation_Summary_9.2.09__3_.pdf

PDF icon15_LPC_Liverpool_BAR_Presentation_Notes.pdf

PDF iconCHIMP_-_Road_Map_report_-_200908.pdf

Special Session UNESCO World Heritage - Opportunities, responsibilities and latest developments:

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