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Impressive Smart Limerick at Limerick Innovation Virtual Event (Part 2)

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15 December 2021
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On the 25th and 26th of October the City of Bragança held a Transnational Meeting on the Policy challenge “Innovative and Smart Business”. This TNM was only the first part of the event focused on smart and innovative cities, as Limerick City and County Council presented their innovative and smart city strategy and actions during this virtual study visit on the 9th and 10th of December 2021. 



Day 2 Friday, 10 December 2021

All Ireland Smart Cities Forum
Day 2 opened with an interview with Dr. Niall Connolly from the All Ireland Smart Cities Forum, and Maynooth University. Niall spoke about how the AISCF was set up 7 years ago by Prof. Brian Donnellan, bringing together software and technology experts from city councils across the Island of Ireland. The All Ireland Smart Cities Forum is a community of practice focused on the advancement of cities in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland through the deployment of, and value creation generated by, smart city programmes. The Forum is made up of city officials who have a wealth of knowledge and experience of the evolving smart city agenda, and the opportunities this provides for future growth and investment. Its primary objective is that this will be a cooperative Forum for the advancement of smart city agendas across all partner cities.

Digital Inclusion Research
One of the most significant moments over the two days was the interview with Helen Fitzgerald from the Paul Partnership. Helen presented the report commissioned by the Limerick Digital Inclusion Working Group, titled “Exploring the Meaning and Experience of Digital Exclusion Among At-Risk Groups in Limerick”. The qualitative research project, undertaken by the Tavistock Institute, took place over the past 18 months – both before and during Covid lockdowns. It provides an insight into who is at greater risk of digital exclusion, the impact of Covid on digital exclusion, the barriers to digital inclusion, and recommendations to responding to the issues raised in the report. A summary of the report’s findings are at: 

Dell Technologies and Analog Devices
The final 2 interviews of the day were with Jeff McCann, Global Lead at Dell Technologies, and with Mike Morrissey, Technology Manager at Analog Devices. Jeff gave a broad presentation of all the various Internet of Things (IoT) solutions which Dell offers such as 5G, Edge Technologies, and Security. Dell’s Limerick campus is a strategic global hub for the company in the areas of IT research and development, software and solutions development, services operations, supply chain operations and finance. The Dell EMC EMEA Internet of Things lab is based in Limerick, while the global Dell EMEA Solutions Centres are led from Limerick.
Mike presented the work happening in Analog Limerick. Analog Devices are world leaders in high performance signal processing, providing silicon devices for Entertainment and Media, Industry and Aerospace, Medical Technology, Wireless and Automobiles Applications. They employ 1,200 people at its original and main Irish hub in Limerick.

Study Visit Discussions Friday, 10.  December 2021

Following the wrap up on Day 2, a discussion was held between Limerick, Alba Iulia, Perugia and the Find Your Greatness Lead Expert about the event and what everyone’s perceptions were. Broadly speaking it was well received, and congratulations were offered on the hard work put in by the Limerick Team. It is possible that this activity could be something worth replicating in a Transfer Network. It will be further discussed at the next Transnational Meeting on the 16th of December 2021.