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Everyone's an Innovator

The Innovato-R Transfer network builds upon the Innova.TO project, which is a competition open to Municipality employees aimed at developing innovative projects improving the Administration performances, reducing wastes and/or valuing resources. Proposals can be focused on service quality, goods/services acquisition, costs rationalization, energetic optimization, bureaucratic impact reduction and increase in data and in digital tools management.


Kick-off meeting phase 1 - Turin
Kick-off meeting phase 2 - Paris / Transfer Period
Transfer Period
Final meeting

Learning Logs

Transfer cities had ups and downs when understanding, adapting, re-using and even improving URBACT Good Practices. STAY TUNED TO CHECK ALL LEARNING LOGS, documents sharing the knowledge and lessons learnt al local level that will be AVAILABLE SOON.
  • Turin
  • Cluj-Napoca
  • Porto
  • Murcia
  • Rotterdam
  • Veszprém
  • Métropole du Grand Paris