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Int-Herit Transnational Meeting Dodoni - Video & Report

Edited on

25 January 2019

The network has published a new video produced after its seventh transnational meeting held last November in the municipality of Dodoni in Greece.

During the transnational meeting our Lead Expert produced also the following Peer review report with a summary of the suggestions and the discussion generated around follwing three issues:

  1. The creation of a municipal strategy brand aimed at promoting Dodoni as a tourist destination.
  2. The continuity and enrichment of the programme for the Cultural Festival organised the last two years by the municipality in the archaeological site and the activation of a volunteering programme associated with it.
  3. The reinterpretation of activities (economic, cultural, etc.) which can take place in the surrounding area of the archaeological site, in particular in the protected zone, in accordance with state-level legislation.

PDF iconInt_Herit_Peer_Review_Dodoni (Greece)