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22 May 2018

During the transnational meeting celebrated last February in the kortrijk region in Belgium, the INT-HERIT team had the possibility to visit two important sites. Both of them cultural heritage looking to be managed in an integrated and innovative way.


In 1935, the state built a factory between Spierebeek and de Schelde,  with the objective of conducting trials into water purification. On 18 May 1937, King Leopold III came to visit the water-treatment plant.
The plans did not go through because it was too costly and caused too much pollution. The building was neglected and eventually transformed into a swimming pool by Mr Samain. The Espierres
swimming pool was the first swimming pool in Belgium. The last time anyone swam there was 1955. Meanwhile, the former swimming pool has been granted the status of a protected monument. Now it will be restored for new uses.

The listed building has been restored, the tub however remains neglected due to a lack of funds. Key is to develop a meaningful program on site which can contribute to a successful development of the site. This program should be embedded in a regional perspective.

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Old Swimming Pool Spiere



The ceased power plant turned into a huge challenge for the municipality: the   listed and abandoned industrial site undoubtedly had a strategic significance for Zwevegem, but at the same time it was quite clear that a thoughtful and sustainable re-use would be extremely

After 15 years of investment and hard work of the municipality, Leiedal, the Province of West-
Flanders and the Flemish Government, the Transfo site gains momentum: several initiatives and
projects are in full development. Main challenge is to streamline and to integrate the growing
number of initiatives and dynamics, without losing opportunities and to improve integration and
final results. The objective is to implement an agile, collaborative, (vertically and horizontally)
integrated and sustainable governance framework

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