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LINKS Project - The Technical Issues of Eco-Restoration of the Built Heritage

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09 October 2017

The URBACT LINKS project led by the city of Bayonne seeks to establish a positive relationship between living/housing in historic inner cities, promotion of the sustainable urban model and the preservation of architectural identity and heritage value. The 9 partners of this project organised their third thematic workshop in the Greek city of Veria in May 2011 on the topic 'The Technical Issues of Eco-Restoration of the Built Heritage'. Read the inputs and outputs of this meeting.

After a workshop dedicated to urban challenges in European historic centres (Freiberg – September 2010) and a thematic workshop dedicated to citizen participation (Almeria– February 2011), this third workshop was dedicated to the technical issues of eco-restoration of the built heritage and to the necessary balance between conservation and evolution.

The LINKS project has produced a PDF iconveria_short_report_3octobre.pdf detailing the thematic exchange on the  topic of Eco-restoration. This short overview of discussions gives a real flavour of the thematic workshop with some eye-catching illustrations, revolving mainly around 2 questions:

  • What do we have to know about ancient buildings to restore them to improve their energy efficiency while respecting their intrinsic qualities?
  • How can we solve the conflict between heritage conservation and sustainable development?

The PDF iconVERIA_Full_Report_13th_November_2011_01.pdf by Lead Expert, Antonio Borghi is also available for consultation  containing an extended analysis of experiences in Veria , methodological notes and partner city cases addressing the topic.

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