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Ljubljana team is transfering their experience to partner cities teams

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17 June 2019

The first transnational meeting in Phase 2, which took place from 8 – 12th of April in Ljubljana, was organized as a combination of a study tour and a “boot-camp” in order to allow deep-dive into the content of the Ljubljana BEE PATH good practice. ULG coordinators from all partner cities were asked to be accompanied by a beekeeper and one person from the field of education, tourism, awareness raising and new products, as this are all fields of our transfer modules.

During the 4 working days the partners had a chance to get to know the good practice example of Ljubljana BEE PATH from different points of view with the help of different group mentors from the City of Ljubljana. The ULG coordinator group was mentored by Ljubljana’s ULG coordinator Maruška Markovčič and URBACT Lead expert Klemen Strmšnik. Beekeepers were in the hands of Gorazd Trušnovec, the initiator of urban beekeeping in Ljubljana, Vesna Erhart, the network communication officer and expert on rural development was in charge of the Awareness raising group, Nina Ilič the founder of a private api-kindergarten of the Education group and Dominika Koritnik Trepel the founder of Slovenian professional guides association and api-tourist guide programme was in charge of the Tourism group.

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Partners also discussed the finished Transfer plans and on the last day all the gathered information helped the partners in creating their very first draft of their city bee path, one of the projects outputs.


The meeting was very successful which was also confirmed by the participants and we firmly believe that the meeting ensured a good and successful kick-off of transfer activities on transfer city level.