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Making Spend Matter Network Final Conference

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16 February 2021
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Join us for the Making Spend Matter Final Conference on Wednesday 24th March 2021.

Making Spend Matter Final Conference

The conference will focus on the success of the Making Spend Matter transfer network and will be hosted online by the city of Schaerbeek and led by the city of Preston.

Making Spend Matter is a Transfer Network of 7 European cities, funded through the URBACT III Programme and the European Regional Development Fund, exploring how spend analysis can be used as an evidence base to improve public procurement and deliver wider benefits to communities and places.

The conference will begin with a focus on the story of the Making Spend Matter Network and how spend analysis can be used to deliver more than just procurement priorities.

Three parallel sessions, will then give participants the choice to hear from Making Spend Matter partners in more depth about what they have learnt throughout the project.

Finally a panel discussion will give the conference attendees the opportunity to ask questions of the panel about the strategic role of procurement in the future.

Cécile Jodogne: Acting Mayor of Schaerbeek, Brussels Capital Region and host of the final conference said:

“The Municipality of Schaerbeek is honoured to host the final conference of the URBACT project “Making Spend Matter – Changing Procurement, Changing Cities”

“This virtual conference is the opportunity to share the results of our collaboration with other municipalities across Europe and to show the path for future achievements.”

Councillor Bailey Cabinet Member for Community Wealth Building at Preston City Council said:

It is more important now than ever for public organisations to analyse their procurement spend and utilise the power of public procurement to support the wellbeing of their communities, the resilience of the economy and the sustainability of the environment.

The Making Spend Matter final conference allows Preston City Council and partner transfer cities to share their knowledge gained throughout the network to enable more cities and public organisations to progress their own strategic procurement journey.”

Book your place today on the Making Spend Matter Final Conference.

Registration for this event will close on Thursday 18th March 2021 and The full conference will be available in English with interpretations available in French and Dutch.