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Mobility on equal terms: the future of mobility?

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13 October 2020
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In an upcoming series of three articles with the overarching thematic of gender and mobility we will deep-dive in the research focus of the above-mentioned speakers. Stay on the lookout for the articles during the coming days!


During a series of motivating digital network sessions in September 2020 the partners of the GenderedLandscape network were introduced to the topic of mobility and how it is linked with gender equality. Three speakers touching upon the topic from different countries and professions presented their research: Gender-related perspectives and attitudes towards transport issues by Stefano Borgato, transport planner and policy analyst at Trasporti e Territorio; Mobility at the margins by Harvard Doctor of Juridical Science Valentina Montoya Robledo; and Gender equality, climate, change and transportation by Christian Dymén, researcher and consultant at Trivector

There are obvious equality and sustainability challenges facing urban planning today, mobility being one of them. There is, at least among our three speakers, a consensus about what challenges should be the main focus for change among these. Affordability, safety and planning with new gender equal norms could mean looking at mobility with a new lens, through the lens of people dependent on public transport and other alternative transportations a side from cars. Where do they travel? During which hours? And how do we make them feel safe?