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Networking and Capacity-building Senior officer for URBACT III

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24 February 2015
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The URBACT Joint Technical Secretariat is seeking to recruit a networking and Capacity-building Senior officer for a 3 year fixed term contract.  The successful candidate shall support the transnational networking and capacity-building activities. He/She shall assist the Projects Manager in all tasks linked to the successful management and monitoring of URBACT II and III projects and the programme implementation. The successful candidate shall be fluent in English.


A/ Networking and Capacity-building Senior officer for URBACT III

1. Support to transnational networking activities
Regarding transnational networking activities, the Networking and Capacity-building Senior Officer, under the responsibility of the Projects manager, will be in charge of the following:
a) Project development
  • Is in charge of the design and launch of calls for proposals for the creation of networks;
  • Contributes to the design and implementation of the assessment process (eg through participation in the design of call for applicants, in preparation meetings with selected assessors, contribution to the assessment process when relevant, review of assessment results and reports, etc.);
  • Contributes to the design of all documents related to project applicants (templates for project application, guidance for applicants, etc.) in collaboration with other JS staff;
  • Assists potential beneficiaries with partner search;
  • Provides the necessary support to beneficiaries in terms of project development, particularly on thematic focus, activities, methods (through providing information via email, telephone or any other means when contacted by potential beneficiaries, preparing FAQs, specific guidelines or templates, organising and delivering seminars, etc.).

b) Project support and monitoring

Is in charge of timely design and dissemination of programme level and project level documents dedicated to network implementation, related to methods and tools for successful transnational exchange and learning (e.g. guidance on specific work packages, guidance on the production of outputs, etc.) in collaboration with other JS staff;
Monitors and reviews progress of networks in terms of content and methods for transnational exchange activities, in terms of ULSG activities, production of outputs, etc., through regular contacts with network lead partners, participation in network activities (especially transnational seminars), supporting the validation of progress reports in collaboration with other JS staff;
Provides networks with tools and methods so as to support delivery of their work plans, activities and deliverables through regular contacts, training sessions (to be organised in collaboration with other JS staff as relevant), participation in network activities, etc. 
c) Coordination of the pool of experts supporting networks
  • Is in charge of reviewing and validating expertise request forms submitted by network lead partners, and ensuring timely contracting of network experts in collaboration with other JS staff;
  • Contributes to the organisation and delivery of training for network experts;
  • Monitors experts’ activities for networks and working relationships at network level.
  • Contributes to the management of the pool of experts at programme level (participation in strategic reflexion about the design and management of the experts pool, contribution to monitoring and reporting on the use of this experts pool, etc.).


2. Support to capacity-building activities

Regarding capacity-building activities, the Networking and Capacity-building Senior Officer, under the responsibility of the Projects manager, will be in charge of the following:

a) Project development

  • Contributes to the identification of needs for capacity-building actions through needs collection and analysis;
  • Contributes to the design of the capacity-building strategy and to the design of tools and actions (e.g. national training seminars, URBACT university, etc.) including writing calls for tender for service providers, assessing bids, preparatory meetings with selected service providers, etc.;
  • Keeps updated with capacity-building and training policies and tools developed outside of URBACT for urban practitioners and policy-makers.

b) Project delivery

Supports the coordination of the organisation and delivery of the capacity-building actions (eg. organising training for service providers, active participation in coordination meetings and steering groups in charge of steering the design and implementation of the capacity-building actions, etc.);
Coordinates service providers commissioned by the programme to design and deliver capacity-building actions (experts, trainers, training institutions, etc.);
Monitors and review progress in the implementation of capacity-building activities, including design of ongoing evaluation frameworks (whether internal or out-sourced), participation in capacity-building activities, etc.;
Develops and adjusts when necessary the capacity building projects in the SYNERGIE CTE system in collaboration with JS colleagues;
Maintains an archive of key documents and keeps records concerning project activity reporting on progress using the SYNERGIE CTE system.
3. Programme Implementation
The Networking and Capacity-building Senior Officer shall:
  • Supervise the Network officer who will assist with the delivery of networking activities as described above (organisation and follow-up of the network officer’s daily work through coordination meetings, reporting to Projects manager when relevant, annual review, etc.) 
  • Assist the Manager with preparation, implementation and follow up of the decisions of the URBACT III Monitoring Committee related to transnational exchange and capacity-building activities;
  • Contribute to the production of the annual implementation reports in accordance with European Commission requirements;
  • Collect interesting data to be included in the annual implementation report to the EC and in other possible publications (geographical data, city profiles, beneficiary data, programme level statistics linked to indictors etc.);
  • Contribute to the Programme Monitoring Committee’s preparation on all issues related to networking and capacity-building projects;
  • Support Finance Pole colleagues in monitoring the Programme indicators (result indictors, output indicators at programme level, performance review information, etc);
  • Support Finance Pole colleagues in filling in indicators at Programme level through the informatics system SYNERGIE-CTE.

B/ URBACT II related tasks to be performed until December 2015


Regarding URBACT II, the Networking and Capacity-building Senior Officer, under the responsibility of the Projects manager, will be in charge of the following:

  •     Supports ongoing URBACT II networks in terms of administrative project management in cooperation with JS colleagues;

  •     Is in charge of validating the progress reports in cooperation with JS colleagues;

  •     Participates in network meetings when relevant;

  •     Prepares all reporting documents for the Monitoring committee and other programme level meetings

  •     Contributes to collecting information on networking activities through ad hoc survey, evaluation activities, etc.


  •     A degree in a relevant field (urban policies, sociology, political science, etc.)

  •     At least 5 years experience, in particular in the following fields:

  - in EU-funded networking programmes, preferably on cross-border, transnational or interregional cooperation; 

  - in a local/ regional public authority or any organisation involved in urban issues

  •     Work experience related to capacity-building actions, preferably targeted to staff from local authorities, elected officials

  •     Good knowledge and understanding of multi-level governance dynamics, in particular applied to urban policies and cities

  •     Knowledge of European Affairs and the Structural Funds preferably through practical experience

  •     Fluency in English (both written and spoken), and proficiency in at least one of the other EU languages; French appreciated

  •     Excellent writing and editing skills

  •     Excellent communication skills (written and oral)

  •     Computer literacy

  •     Capacity to work in an international environment

  •     Excellent organisation and interpersonal skills

  •     Willing to travel in Europe


Other appreciated skills

  •     Accuracy and assertiveness

  •     Sense of initiative; ability to anticipate, propose and implement solutions

  •     Open-mindedness; autonomy and good team working abilities

  •     Enthusiastic and comfortable with the use of social media




Candidates short-listed will be called for an interview in Saint Denis.
Candidates are reminded that the selection process is confidential. All enquiries or requests for information or documentation in relation to the selection should be addressed to the address referred below. Candidates are asked to report any potential change of contact information in writing without delay.


Equal Opportunities

Equal opportunities policy without distinction on the grounds of sex, racial or ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age or sexual orientation will be applied.



The employment is foreseen on a full-time basis;
The employment will be under French law;
The salary shall be fixed according to the professional experience of the candidate starting from 3.039 € gross per month.


Working place

The working place will be Saint Denis (France):
URBACT Secretariat
Commissariat Général à l’Egalité des Territoires
5 rue Pleyel
93283 St Denis


Contract’s starting date and duration

Working at the JTS should start as soon as possible (if possible from November 2015). The contract is a 3 years fixed-term contract. It is renewable for a 2nd period of 3 years. The trial period duration is 2 months.


Applications closing date

All applications must be submitted no later than the 31st October 2014. Interviews will take place in Saint Denis (France) or will be organised online early November 2014.


Submission of Applications

Interested candidates are invited to send their applications (at least) in English, including a Curriculum Vitae (the CVs must be drafted using the European CV format), and a covering motivation letter.

Supporting documents such as diplomas or reference might be requested on demand.

Interested candidates should send their application to Melody HOUK, Projects and Thierry Picquart, Administration and coordination