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New cities welcome at the 2018 URBACT City Festival!

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03 July 2018

Registrations extended for new cities until 15 July. Write to

Europe’s cities are invited to come to Lisbon on 13-14 September 2018 for the 2018 edition of the URBACT City Festival. Celebrating cities as actors of change in Europe, URBACT’s Festival is open to all EU cities whether they have had the chance to take part in an URBACT network or not.

The Festival will provide opportunities for cities to network and learn from each other on key topics of integrated urban development. Participants will be able to create their own Festival path, choosing from over 50 different interactive sessions, including walkshops, labs, a marketplace and breakout sessions.

Knowledge from city practitioners across Europe

The main content of the 2018 URBACT City Festival has been generated by the 200+ European cities who have worked together over the past two-and-a-half years in URBACT ‘Action Planning Networks’. These networks have worked on issues covering a range of sustainable urban development themes.

Cities and networks will share their particular experiences and knowledge gained. The URBACT programme will also be sharing the outputs and messages it has pulled together from different networks on key themes, including integrated and participative urban development, innovative urban planning, re-making the city, gender-equal cities, digital cities, integration of migrants, and cities of the future.

The URBACT City Festival will provide a unique opportunity to dive deep into this knowledge and exchange with the cities at the forefront of new ideas and practices in these fields.

Hear more from the Festival organisers on what to expect from the event:

You can also listen to what inspired participants at the 2017 URBACT City Festival in Tallinn!

Post-Festival opportunities for cities?

In January 2019, the programme will publish the next URBACT call providing a new opportunity for cities to join an URBACT transnational exchange network on a theme of their choice.

The URBACT City Festival is a great way to meet like-minded cities and learn more about the functioning of the URBACT programme, URBACT networks and their work with Integrated Action Plans for cities. Will your participation in the Festival be the start of a new journey with URBACT?

Your city never took part in the URBACT programme before?

Please send an e-mail to if you are representing a new city and are interested in joining the City Festival!



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