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A new role: The Creative Ambassador

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25 June 2018

Újbuda serves as a lead partner of the Creative Spirits network in the frame of Urbact programme which seeks to facilitate the exchange of experiences between the participating partner cities to be able to attract actors of the cultural and creative industry to the target areas. Recently every partner city has elected creative ambassadors, in Újbuda the CEO of Hadik restaurant and Szatyor bar, Tibor Bosznai took on the role.

  • First of all we need to clarify what exactly the job of a creative ambassador means.
  • The creative ambassador is a new position within the framework of Creative Spirits projects. When the question arose who the creative ambassador of the lead partner, Újbuda should be, I was chosen because I had been working in the cultural and creative industry in the target area for a long time, I am wellknown in this environment and I have many connections. These were the most important criteria and of course to be able to participate in the communication, to serve as a link between the industry and the decision-makers.The integrated approach to the tasks require a living connection between the cultural and creative enterprises working in the target area, the local residents, NGOs and the local government so we can tackle the problems we face together. The creative ambassador needs to act as a mediator in that process. As the CEO of Hadik and Szatyor I gladly accepted the offer because my everyday work takes place right in the center of the target area and we play a significant role in the cultural life too besides being restaurants. We are in touch with the local government on a daily basis as Újbuda is the owner of the venue, furthermore we often organise events together with the district and our cultural activities are subsidised by the municipality.
  • It was also an important factor that you are the vice president of the cultural association working in the target area.
  • Of course. The Kult11 association works on the promotion and coordination of the Bartók Béla Boulevard project and our goals are consistent with the aims of Creative Spirits. We strive to turn Bartók Béla Street into a thematic cultural and creative place and we have connected many local stakeholders in order to achieve that.
  • So these were the requirements that you have fully satisfied. What will be your tasks?
  • Publicising the Creative Spirits project concerning Bartók Béla Boulevard. I have to present the project in as many venues and forums as possible, both in direct and nondirect ways. A good example of that is my most recent interview which covered the topics of Hadik restaurant that is managed by me and Kult11 among other subjects but I also touched upon the issues of Urbact and Creative Spirits. It should be important information for those who are interested in the matters of the district, that such project can accomodate their ideas as well. Local residents appreciate this and knowing that their opinion matters boosts their motivation immensely.
  • Can we expect some sort of idea contest for residents of the target areas?
  • Yes, I will also get involved in this field. On one hand, we plan the implementation together with my colleagues involved in this project but I also help with the communication, and I try to reach as many people as possible with this opportunity.
  • How would you describe your relationship with the ambassadors of the other partner cities?
  • I met with them in December for the first time in Kaunas and we have already got done a good amount of work together. Since the goal of the project is the exchange of experiences and good practices, we had a lot of conversations. I have to say that everyone I’ve met are just as committed to their city as I am. It will be a real pleasure to work with them.