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New URBACT opportunity! Open Call for Irish towns and cities to join the Irish National Practice Transfer Initiative!

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12 April 2021
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Urbact Transfer Networks operate by allowing a lead city with a documented good practice to share this practice with other European cities. This approach has been highly successful with 23 lead cities transferring their good practices to 156 follower cities around Europe. Recognising the success of the Transfer Networks, the recently approved National Practice Transfer Initiatives (NPTI) will use a similar approach but the lead and follower cities will all be in the same country

Ireland's NPTI will see the Lead City of Cork transfer the good practices they learned on the Playful Paradigm network to 5 - 7 other Irish towns and cities, and will run from June 2021 to December 2022.

Deadline to apply: May 9th @ 17:00

What is the Practice?

The Playful Paradigm: Play is our brains favourite way of learning. The Playful Paradigm is an opportunity incorporate small and large scale actions and influence policy in cities and towns to develop a culture of play. The Playful Paradigm provides a structure and framework for playful actions and playful placemaking to foster an appreciation of natural spaces and built places, health and social inclusion.


What are the benefits for participating cities?

This URBACT Transfer Initiative offers the opportunity through meetings, forums, observations, trial and error to develop a playful culture in towns and cities across Ireland that can be adapted, changed and used to inform and influence locally relevant aspects, both in policy and practice. ‏From Playful Placemaking, to Play in Libraries, Pop Up Play Events, Play-filled Festivals and Play Streets, the Playful Paradigm offers an opportunity to bring spontaneous and uninhibited play to places and spaces in our town and city centres.


Who can apply?

Only cities that have not participated in phase 2 of URBACT III networks are eligible to participate. This means that the following towns and cities are ineligible:

Athy, Balbriggan, Cork, Dublin, Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown, Kilkenny, Limerick, Longford, Monaghan, Naas, Waterford

However, public local authorities who have previously participated in phase 2 of URBACT III networks are eligible to participate so long as the proposed beneficiary city is not included in the list above.


What you need to apply:


Where do you send your application?

Completed application forms should be sent by 17:00 on May 9th.