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New URBACT programme drafted

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10 September 2021
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The final draft of the URBACT IV programme is open for national consultations.

Four Programming Committee meetings, multiple online discussions, a ‘City needs’ survey, an open consultation with EU stakeholders…the final draft of the URBACT 2021-2027 cooperation programme is now available.

It has taken a little bit longer than planned – the budget available for the programme was announced in March 2021, and the final versions of the European regulations were published at the end of June.

This draft has now been sent to members of the Programming Committee for their written approval. Any consultations that need to take place at national level will be carried out in the coming months.

Hopefully by the autumn, we will have received the approval from Member and Partner States so that we can formally submit the document to the European Commission for their validation.

If you are wondering if your country will organise a consultation process, you can reach out to the national representative on the Programming Committee.

If you have any queries on the content of the programme so far, you can use the contact form ( to get in touch.

    Programming timeline
    • July 2021: Draft Cooperation Programme sent for written approval to member and partner states
    • September 2021: End of written procedure; final integration of any comments from national consultations
    • October 2021: Submit programme to European Commission, who has six months to validate
    • Spring 2022: expected notification of programme approval
    • June 2022: official launch of URBACT IV programme



    Final Draft Cooperation Programme (pdf)


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