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New URBACT Projects approved for Implementation Phase

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10 February 2015

The URBACT Monitoring Committee meeting took place under the chairmanship of Claes NILAS, Permanent Secretary of the Danish Ministry for Housing, Urban and Rural affairs, in Paris on January 28th 2013. Main point on the agenda: decision for URBACT II New Thematic Networks entering phase 2, the implementation phase of the project.

Building on the results of the assessment performed by the External Assessment Panel and on the proposal of the URBACT Managing Authority, the URBACT Monitoring Committee has approved the following 15 new projects for implementation phase:

  • ENTER.HUB - Railway hubs/ multimodal interfaces of regional relevance in medium size cities as engines for integrated urban development and economic, social and cultural regeneration (Lead Partner Reggio Emilia, IT)
  • Creative SpIN - Connecting Cultural and Creative Industries (CCI) with other sectors to stimulate spill-over effects (Lead Partner Birmingham, UK)
  • My Generation at Work - Promoting the employability of young people in a changing labour market with focus on enterprising skills and attitudes (Lead Partner Rotterdam, NL)
  • URBACT Markets - Local markets as drivers for local economic development and regeneration (Lead Partner Barcelona, ES)
  • RE-Block - Creating sustainable high-rise blocks through social cohesion, green spaces and poverty reduction (Lead Partner Budapest 18° district, HU)
  • Citylogo - City branding and marketing to promote better positioning of cities in the post crisis economic arena (Leap Partner Utrecht, NL)
  • PREVENT - Involving parents in the prevention of early school leaving (Lead Partner Nantes, FR)
  • USER - Urban sustainable & efficient regeneration (Lead Partner Grenoble Alpes Metro, FR)
  • CSI Europe - Involvement of cities in Urban Development Fund (UDF) structures - Role of financial instruments in efficient planning (Lead Partner Manchester, UK)
  • USE ACT - Fostering opportunities for people & businesses to settle in existing locations and avoid consumption of land, through new planning processes and partnership approaches (Lead Partner Naples, IT)
  • EUnivercities - Exploring the next generation partnerships between cities and universities (Lead Partner Delft, NL)
  • JOBTOWN - Local partnerships for the advancement of youth employment opportunities (Lead Partner Cesena, IT)
  • Sustainable Food for Urban Communities - Innovative initiatives for more sustainable food production/ retail & consumption in urban communities (Lead Partner Brussels Capital, BE)
  • 4D CITIES - Health innovation as a driver of integrated local development (Lead Partner Igualada, ES)
  • WOOD FOOTPRINT - Fostering local economic development through the use of brownfield and buildings abandoned due to the transformation of the wood/ furniture sector (Lead Partner Paços de Ferreira, PT)

26 countries are represented in these projects and 25% of the partners come from the EU12 countries. Besides, about 60% of the partners are new comers in URBACT.

As far as thematic coverage is concerned, core urban issues will be explored. 6 of these new projects will contribute to integrated urban regeneration policies and tools with a focus on specific areas (transport hubs, local markets, etc.). Several of these new projects will explore economic development and employment. In the context of the current crisis, it is important that URBACT allows cities to work on such issues. 2 of these projects (Use-Act and Sustainable food Urban Communities) will also contribute to the Low carbon agenda while this dimension should be tackled in other projects related to urban regeneration (through building refurbishing, reconversion of brownfields, etc.).

Each of these projects has completed its partnership for the implementation Phase and has produced very thorough baseline studies on the topics they are focusing on including a state of the art on the issue at EU level. Visit these project mini-sites to learn more about the work they have started to achieve.

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