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News from La Canal

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21 December 2020
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Urbact Re-grow City Manresa - December 2020


La Canal (NGO platform in Manresa) started to be active in May 2020, related to mutual support activity in Manresa’s Historic Centre. But it has not been until this month that La Canal has been made public, waiting for a better Covid context to promote activity in the place.

Working on…
4 articles written by members of the project (councilor, project manager, ULG coordinator and members of the NGO platform) to explain through media concrete points of the process and the action.


Lately La Canal was explained to the media and through social networks from different actors in the local environment. The main content promoted has been this video that explains the journey to ‘give birth’ to La Canal.

Working on…
dissemination through Urbact National Point Spain and Eurotowns network


At the same time, some billboards have been posted in the marketplace with a message to call people to action and participate in La Canal.


At the beginning of December a 6 hour workshop about Sustainable Development Goals took place, co promoted by Manresa’s Urbact team. Our purpose was to disseminate our transfer journey and its key learnings in the context of reviewing how Municipality relates to civil society through SDG. La Canal was presented by councilor Claudina Relat and the ULG coordinator in a 20 minutes presentation. Attendants were mainly officers but also other councilors and chief officers from our Municipality. It was great to spread our learnings and also give concrete ideas on how officers can improve good practices when relating to community and civil society. Attendants also have access to our full report about the journey.


Next big goal is to open the place regularly.
Covid context is not making it easy but La Canal members will try to open once every week starting from January 14th.
Also, a regular street action is being planned for the next six months in order to attract people in the neighbourhood to the space. Our final goal,
as it has always been: strengthen bonds between neighbours that make a better everyday life.

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