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Newsletter nr. 6: The World Bee Day 2020 - #BeTheBee!

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21 May 2020
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The celebration of the World Bee Day is addressing the biggest global problems - the role of bees and other pollinators to the existence of life on planet Earth, assuring food safety, preserving biodiversity… Though the aim of this newsletter is more modest - we just want to show a variety of actions that cities, neighbourhoods, institutions, companies and last but not least each of us can or shall take to contribute to a bigger story - to a cleaner and greener environment, and also to the preservation of natural resources and biodiversity.

As usual, you can also find some theme related researches and you can learn a thing or two about bees in the section Amazing facts; not to mention our BeePathNet buzzzing – what has happened and what is to come in the following months including six very diverse and innovative programmes of celebration to inspire you to join the Bee-friendly cities initiative.

Lets’ celebrate together, lets’ #BeTheBee!

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