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Newsletter nr. 9: Walk on a Bee Path and learn a city Bee Story

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12 May 2021
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In the main article we invite you to learn more about our cities' Bee Paths, which showcase all of our efforts to make our cities bee and pollinator friendly. Walking the Bee Paths gives visitors a unique perspective into the lives of bees and how they affect our daily lives. Knowingly and unknowingly these effects are felt in every area. When you eat a simple meal, at least one part of the meal is on your plate thanks to our wonderful pollinators. When you take a walk outside and enjoy all nature has to offer, well the view would not be spectacular in the least without them. 

So if you are a citizen of a city or a tourist visiting somewhere, the glory of all that surrounds us, would be diminished without our friends the Bees, so read how you can learn more about them while visiting our Bee Paths in Amarante, Bydgoszcz, Cesena, Hegyvidek, Nea Propontida and Ljubljana.


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