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The next event: Case Study Meeting, Maribor

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28 January 2019

Between the 6th and 8th of February, the 8th case study meeting event will take place, where the partners can share experiences and good practices about how to boost the CCI sector in their target areas. 


The agenda of the meeting is filled with interesting activities. The attendant members will be able to discover the old town, visit the famous Puppet Theatre, and the Salon of Applied Arts. There’s also a chance to have cultural impressions, like the dance performance at the Slovenian National Theatre and of course there will be numerous lectures about the Creative Spirits project, and the CCI sector of Maribor. This is the penultimate occasion for the partner cities to meet, but of course they can still learn from each other in the last moments. Therefore this case study meeting should be extremely useful for every one of the cities, as they have all come to expect.