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OnStage... to leave no one behind! | by Adelfia · Transfer Stories

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14 May 2021
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How has Adelfia's URBACT OnStage transfer journey touched the city's different stakeholders? Here is a video that summarizes what the project has meant for this southern Italian city of 17,000 inhabitants.


Adelfia’s transfer story is developed as a 10 minutes video that shows how the transfer journey has touched different stakeholders in Adelfia. It is shot with the technique of the double interview (before and after) to the same people aimed to identify social changes produced in the implementation of the Transfer Plan.

A teacher of the local school I.C. Moro Falcone tells about her OnStage experience through a voice over, reading her diary entry, while we see four different stakeholders representing alternative points of views in the framework of the transfer process: an elected official of the Municipality of Adelfia, a teacher of MusicaInGioco association, a young musician involved in the DEMO action and his mother. Click on the image below to access the video — and enjoy!