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Out now! More MGatWork stories, from a young person perspective: Turin, Valencia, Gdansk, Maribor and Rotterdam

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06 June 2017
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The movies and a short description are available below.


The movie will lead you through the life of several young entrepreneurs with various ambitions. From a bicycle delivery service  to a online service for 3D printing.

‘Turino Social Innovation knew how to value my work and I hope it will help me in a future entrepreneurial journey’.

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MyGen at Wok | Turin



Valencia supports projects aiming to help young entrepreneurs. One of the projects shown in the video focuses on the cultural and creative sector. A Collaborative Space has been created for young entrepreneurs, with many facilities like a music and film studio. 

‘The collaborative space has helped us to meet people form other areas and to make the best of each project’.

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MyGen at Work | Valencia



The movie is about how to involve the youth actively in the city.  ‘The most important role is played by the young people themselves, they are an expert in their situation’.

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MyGen at Work | Gdańsk



The movie is about two youngsters who have participated in one of the projects. The youngsters share their experience in a conversation on what they have done during the projects. ‘The whole time mentors will provide help and guidance’.

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MyGen at Work | Maribor



The movie shows the difficulties and struggles youngsters have to face when they are looking for a job. This struggle is played by a young girl who is searching for a job without result but then help is offered to her. Watch the movie to see how this story ends…

‘I am unfortunately unemployed at this moment and I am looking for a job’.

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MyGen at Work | Rotterdam