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management of natural resources by identifying and classifying unused land, such as brownfield or greenfield and agricultural robotics


  1. 1. urban agriculture 2. access to land 3. food resilience 4. Food 5. Urban (green area) Renewal 6. Urban planning-web-based solutions (e.g. ArcGIS applications) 7. Urban – Rural 8. Local Economic Development 9. Food waste

Main policy issue to be addressed in relation to the selected topics

The Local Support Group specifically created for the eAGRI Project will focus on the main initiatives envisaged in the project development to increase the specialization of young people up to the age of 25 from the higher education system that needs greater opportunities in the new operators successful agricultural robots, taking into account the fact that Romania ranks second in global immigration, with over 4 million emigrated people in the last 5 years. Also, for the results of the eAGRI Project, other target groups, such as unskilled workers, interested in the production, installation and maintenance of wifi commissioned agricultural robots, will be a first-ever production at national and European level.

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Coming to the "desire for social and economic development of the Romanian and European society", the Project will facilitate the extension of agricultural holdings in the periurban area, with great risks of disappearing due to the uncontrollable development of real estate projects or other types that do not take into account the exploitation to the maximum of agricultural potential. This has major effects on the development of economic activities, improving the quality of life.

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18 March 2019

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