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Nurturing the creative potential of care experienced young people


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Articulate’s vision is for a nation in which the talents of all young people can truly shine, in a society where there are no barriers to creative participation. Our mission is to promote excellence of opportunity through creative learning, ensuring diverse and marginalised potential is discovered, nurtured and supported. Articulate has equality, diversity and inclusion at its core and designs services that benefit Scotland’s most vulnerable young people, especially those who are care experienced, at risk, seeking asylum or living in poverty in our most challenged communities. Through our access, participation and employability projects, Articulate improves the aspirations, attainment and well-being of young people of all backgrounds, especially those from disadvantaged areas. Articulate works with the most skilled artists in Scotland, across all the art-forms and inclusively with children of all ages and at all stages of their social, educational and creative development. We co-design and deliver highly creative programmes for children that focus on positive outcomes and lead to industry-standard productions, exhibitions and events. The Articulate Hub offers creative consultation and research services, collaborations and learning interventions that amplify the social, educational and economic benefits of arts participation in Scotland.

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Each year UK Government spends £2.5bn in the care system yet the 83,000 young people in care have the worst rates of:

• suicide
• mental health
• employment
• homelessness
• incarceration

Through no fault of their own CEYP have some of the worst social, educational and economic outcomes in the country. The outcomes are so poor that Scotland’s First Minister has confirmed a root and branch review of the whole system to halt this downward spiral.

On the other hand, the creative industries are on an upward spiral of growth and are anticipating skills shortages in key areas. These industries are looking for imaginative and resilient young people to fill the 43,000 new jobs predicted for Scotland in the next 10 years.

Articulate believes that our CEYP could strengthen and deepen this talent pool, fuelling the ongoing national and international growth anticipated.

We have just entered our third year of a programme that will employ care leavers to design arts projects for younger care experienced and other marginalised children.

Essentially, we will become a creative enterprise generated with, by and for marginalised young people.

We are looking for developmental partners that we can grow and learn with in the coming years ...

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29 January 2019

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