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Sharing the experience of open place for NGO’s members and other initiative groups. Active rehabilitation, cooperratives and design available.


  1. Capacity building
  2. citizen participation
  3. Social innovation

Main policy issue to be addressed in relation to the selected topics

The Centre of Non-Governmental Organizations in Konin is an open place for NGO’s members and other initiative groups, which plan to register their activity in the future. The Centre is to serve integration of a third sector and NGO’s between themselves, and to initiate partnerships as well as encourages cooperation between third sector, Self-government and business. What is more The Centre gives an infrastructural support for the local NGO’s. The Centre of NGO's. is also an incubator of civil initiatives in Konin, the place of meetings and training for NGO's, Is also located there - the Academy od Life - training apratments for the disabled and cooperratives. The centre is coordinating design avilable project for Konin City Hall too.

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Useful Information

Konin is seen as an innovative point on the Polish map when it comes to solutions concerning rehabilitation and creation of the appropriate conditions for the disabled. The Centre for Non-Governmental Organizations established by the city together with non-governmental partners is a flagship in that process. It includes social cooperatives, the headquarters of the organization itself, the Academy of Life (training apartments for the disabled) and a hostel run by the disabled. This Centre is now regarded as a model one and the package of legal solutions Konin is a city located in central Poland. Currently it has about eighty thousand inhabitants. Konin stays an important administration centre it has been the province capital from 1975, and due to the administrative reform introduced on 1 Jan 1999, Konin became the seat for the township and the capital of the country district. Main Prizes: in 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017 Equal Opportunities in the local Self-government. contest for activities taken in aid of disabled people in Konin; Title in The Active Self-government in the Area of Employment of Disabled People - for project "Training flats in The Centre of NGO's"; Main Prize in Greater-Poland Open for Disabled People 2015 Contest; First Prize in Polish edition Icebreakers 2016 Contest; State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled People's Chairman of the Management Board Special Prize for The Incubator of Activity and The Centre of NGO's in 2016.

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20 March 2019

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