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Urban strategies to foster CSR in their jurisdiction and boost social innovations 


  1. CSR
  2. Social innovation

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As the world recovers from the global financial crisis, attention has turned to the need for greater socially responsible behaviour from the private as well as the public sector. This has also, naturally, led to greater scrutiny of the role that local governments, being closer to communities, can play to foster CSR. The innovative concept of CITIES4CSR intends to use CSR as a framework that enables increased collaboration between government, civil society and business, and generate and launch new social innovations as the result of enhanced public-private partnership in the frame of increased CSR activities. The main objective will be achieved through benchmark, building capacities, mapping local government mechanisms, testing the most powerful schemes within mini pilots, co-creating comprehensive municipal strategies to positively influence CSR in their jurisdiction and launching new social innovations as the result of enhanced public-private partnerships.

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The small city of Budaörs being located in the agglomeration of Budapest has identified CSR as a strategic field due to the massive numbers of companies in its territory, but it has also realised that the municipality itself has a clear role in facilitating the process among companies. Due to its social and economic characteristics Municipality of Budaörs has recognised the importance of acting as an advocate and stimulate corporate responsibility in its area by linking up big companies with local NGOs and local communities.

Understanding the complexity of the theme, Municipality of Budaörs intends to launch a transnational cooperation project in the Urbact Programme as a partner to better understand the volume of the task and expand its related activities within its territory and thus create a more liveable local society.


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07 March 2019

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