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Create a pedestrian plan. Identify key areas and policies to promote walking and improve the public space


  1. Urban mobility
  2. Urban Renewal
  3. Urban planning

Main policy issue to be addressed in relation to the selected topics

One of the challenges of sustainable mobility is to increase the share of the active mode. The active mode is directly connected with the urban space and environment. The target of this network is to focus on multilateral approaches in order to connect the public space in order to promote a walkable livable city. How can we promote walking in a city? How can walking be an experience? How can the streets be more attractive and accessible? How can we alter the perception of public space? How can we alter the public space so that it will promote interaction in the public space? The idea is to evaluate the current state of the city's walking network and public spaces, identify specific areas where improvement is needed or it could be more successful, exchange ideas of possible solution and implement a study case. New ideas and experience are always welcome.

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Areas of interest:
- Urban planning
- Urban renewal
- Urban mobility
- Placemaking
- Re gaining the public space
- Pedestrian planning
- Pedestrian safety

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18 March 2019
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