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to increase local community involvement in town development and socialization = creating community center with lifelong learning possibilities.


  1. Local community inclusion and participation
  2. lifelong learning
  3. socialization

Main policy issue to be addressed in relation to the selected topics

Our aim is to learn ideas and methods from lead partner, expert and partners on how to increase local communty participation in town development (in ideal so that everybody can really feel as a part of a decisions made) and for that to create a community center for local people (despite the age, race, religion etc..) for socializing and lifelong learning. All that, in our, opinion would dedicate to better democracy, make community stronger and bolder to participate in every level of the towns development in and for the future.

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Useful Information

Keila is a respectively small town (ca 10000 inhabitants) in Estonia, near (ca 25kms) the capital Tallinn.

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08 February 2019

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Keila Linnavalitsus / Keila Town Council
Keila linn
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Less developed