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Modular platform for authentication, authorization and user management at the level of local administration, on blockchain


  1. internet of things
  2. Digital transition
  3. Smart city

Main policy issue to be addressed in relation to the selected topics

The future eDarius Platform is a physical and online security software integration of access to properties and assets of the population and economic operators. The main categories of clients targeted are state administration, banking customers, healthcare and corporate clients, including the public. The Project also addresses physical security enhancement, remote control and secure access, by deploying gadgets, such as WI-FI locks and locks, for rooms, cars, safes, etc. secure, WI-FI bracelets for controlling people with court bans, as their number has increased by 30% in recent years. Using dedicated IT solutions and dedicated gadgets should create special and maintenance services that will create new workplaces specialized in the field of computer and physical security. It is well known that the greatest degree of job shortages in Romania is specific to young people aged up to 25 years, the project being mainly devoted to this segment of the population, through improvement in the field of secure access and improvement of physical security in general, through courses for making specific gadgets, namely smart locks, managing secure access software. The students involved in the Project Development should have the opportunity to explore new horizons of their scientifical knowledge in the field of computer science.

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Useful Information

Following the eDARIUS Project implementation, benefiting the high degree of education level involving large number of colaborators, both from scientific and production field, being located in the most developed high tech research and development centers of Romania, will allow the involvment of wider stakeholders, from the filed of mechanical production, marchendise, e-commert, internet of things and highly specialised software.
Objectives: -The URBACT Local Support Group created for improvment the access to financial local administration for the public, it is commited to implement innovative IT sollutions, coupled with secured gadgets, allowing a safer environment for the economical life in Bucharest and periurban. Therefore, the main objectives of the eDARIUS Project, are the following: - Assurance of new jobs in the field of phisical and online security - Implementation of new curricula in the Academic field, regardless to the own Project Partners, which will allow the formation of a specialised university graduates and Masters or Doctorat programmes, especially for this new activity, Software Security Officer specialised in safety gadgets operation and programming. - Integration of the innovative software sollutions with different online services for Banking and Financial Administration, in order to minimise the cybernetic hacker attacks, to acces unwanted sensitive data, or temporary unabling online users acces to the online public, including tax payers.

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27 March 2019

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