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Economic development in low-income and the most sensitive urban neighbourhoods


  1. Disadvantaged neighbourhoods
  2. Social innovation
  3. Urban Renewal

Main policy issue to be addressed in relation to the selected topics

Labelled as the Greater Paris "factory", the local autority Est Ensemble is a major economic and cultural area that plans to play an active part in the Metropolis of tomorrow. Though being at the heart of the Greater Paris growth, around 37% of the population currently lives in so-called disadvantaged city neighborhoods. Most of these areas are covered by national programs of urban renewal which incite to develop economic and socio-economic activities. In this context, Est Ensemble’s Department of Economy, Attractiveness and Innovation is building up its strategy for an integrated economic development in these neighborhoods. Overall, the ambition is to find a territorial equilibrium between developing the endogenous potential in these disadvantaged city neighborhoods and making them more attractive for SMEs, entrepreneurs, project initiators and investors. More specifically, we aim at identifying and mobilizing a community of entrepreneurs, influencers, associations, social businesses and investors that could play an increasing role in that strategy and be the driver for change. We also aim at clarifying and making more visible to the population our support programs for entrepreneurship, business development and social innovation. We have to make important efforts for supporting access to common law services and give the same chance to all our inhabitants with regard to economic development and employment.

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Est Ensemble’s local authority gathers nine cities just at the edge of Paris. The nine Eastern cities – Bagnolet, Bobigny, Bondy, Le Pré Saint-Gervais, Les Lilas, Montreuil, Noisy-le-Sec, Pantin, Romainville – and the 400 000 inhabitants are grouped within the urban Community Est Ensemble.

Through the integrated economic development strategy described above, Est Ensemble wishes to foster a dynamic collaboration with an objective to develop new local projects that could also respond to the population's needs and bring economic activities in areas that are at risk of impoverishment. In addition, we intend to integrate the issue of vacant ground floor retail and business spaces, including related financial and legal engineering, as one of the potential answers to our challenge.

Through a participation in URBACT III as a Partner (we do not have the human and financial resources to be a Lead), we would like to find urban partners that may face similar challenges with specific areas of their towns and for which they think that economic development and social innovation could be a driver for positive change. Cities that face growing inequalities would be useful partners....

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08 March 2019

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